Connection Groups

Fella-ship Men’s Group

Fella-ship Men’s Group

Community Group

While attending church regularly is good spiritually, physically and socially, it shouldn’t be your only interaction with believers on a weekly basis. Some of your best experiences come from the community of believers you develop. That’s why Community Groups are so important to your sustained Christian life and a strong spiritual support system. We have a selection of Community groups for you to join. These groups are a great way to meet and connect with other believers like you. Most groups meet monthly in different homes throughout our city. In these groups, people are having fellowship, discussions, studies, and prayer. Consider joining a group today.


Helps Ministry

Helps Ministry Teams are a vital part of our Sunday Services. There are many working parts to accomplish a successful service. With your help, we can do better and do more. Join a team today.



At Crosstown Church, we look to serve, not be served. And we believe we should serve in our community. Serving our city helps to expand the Kingdom of God, sharing His love and compassion. 1 John 4:20 says if we don’t love people we see, how can we love a god we cannot see. We want our community to know that we see them and love them.